DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX Daytona Report

Daytona, Florida - In what amounted to a home race for the DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX race team, the Daytona supercross was mind blowing in the amount of people in our pits munchin on the free food and DNA Energy Drink and the up and down results for the team. Team manager Forrest Butler will be filing for chapter seven after paying for the passes and also seeing a psychiatrist for some mental help after his riders finishes.

First the good-Kyle “I’m not Kenny dammit” Keylon backed up his superb finish of last week with another top ten finish in the 250 class and just like last week, he came from the back to do it. Kyle is really getting some confidence from his rides and despite being six foot two, he’s getting into the 250 class. Jason Thomas number forty five in your program but number one in your heart, went down in the first turn in the 250 final and his throttle got jacked up. We tried to tell him that Hannah would’ve just put the cable in his mouth,pulled on it with his teeth and won, but he was having none of that.

Now the bad- Bryan Johnson didn’t qualify for the main event but looked the best he has all year. We’re behind Bryan and he’ll be putting it in the main here very shortly. Or the beatings will begin. Our 450 rider, Shaun Skinner holeshot his heat race, yes you read that right, but then 3  turns later his bike shut off and Skinner's great start went to a DNF.  Probably from the shock of being ahead of Chad Reed and company. OK, maybe not, but the real reason is even worse; his kill switch wire came unplugged and shut the bike off.  Yes you read that right also, holeshot factory bikes, kill switch malfunction and Skinner's divine luck continues!  He couldn’t recover and didn’t qualify for the main but we’re happy with Skin’s performance as he is just coming back from injury...and hey, he was the fastest guy on the track for the start and 3 turns!  
For a full photo report from Daytona, check this out.

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