Yamaha Raises GLMX to Nearly 250K!

Yamaha’s contingency raises the Michigan Mafia Series’ grand total of OEM cash prizes to nearly a quarter million dollars!

BUCHANAN, Mich – Great Lakes Motocross (GLMX) officials announced the fourth and final OEM contingency sponsor today for the 2009 Great Lakes Michigan Mafia Championship Series – a 17-week spring/summer race schedule held at the Great Lakes region’s premier motocross facilities.

Yamaha Motor Corp., whose long-standing heritage in building some of the world’s premier competition motocross bikes, has stepped up and delivered cash contingency prizes totaling nearly $62,000 for its YZ-mounted pilots contesting events held at Michigan’s top MX tracks – Michigan Mafia style!

“With Yamaha on board the Great Lakes Michigan Mafia Championship Series’ total contingency cash prize payout stands at nearly a quarter million dollars!,” said GLMX’s Amy Ritchie. “Yamaha’s commitment to the sport of motocross is not only evident at the top, backing outdoor national and supercross champion James Stewart, the company’s generosity also shines though at the amateur level more than ever.

“Every dollar’s going to count this summer with our racers and the GLMX commends Yamaha on its continued support of amateur motocross.”

Dubbed “The Battlegrounds,” the Great Lakes Michigan Mafia Championship Series will showcase a wide range of classes for the Yamaha YZ-model competition dirt bikes. Yamaha contingency classes include: 125 B & C, 25+, 250 A, B & C, 30, 35+, 40+, 45+, 50 + and 60+, 85 (9-13), 85 JR (7-11), 85 SR (12-15), Open A, B & C, Schoolboy 2 & 4 Stock, Super Mini, Women’s JR & SR.

The full schedule for the Great Lakes Michigan Mafia Championship Series can be found at www.greatlakesmx.com. Yamaha is on board with five big contingency weekends: 

Date                            Venue                                     City/State

6/27-28                        Log Road MX                        Bronson, Mich.

7/3 & 7/5                     RedBud MX                           Buchanan, Mich.

7/11-12                        Grattan MX                            Belding, Mich.

7/18-19                        Dutch MX                               Bloomingdale, Mich.

7/25-26                        Baja MX                                 Millington, Mich.

Note: All Yamaha contingency payout races take place on Sundays.

For more information on the Great Lakes Michigan Mafia Championship Series and GLMX, visit our website  (www.greatlakesmx.com). Those with questions are encouraged to email info@greatlakesmx.com.

Great Lakes MX supports the sport of motocross. With seven of the Midwest’s premier motocross facilities on the GLMX team, amateur racers from all over the Great Lakes region stand to benefit now more than ever. With everything from track safety concerns, streamlined organization and registration, more lucrative contingency programs and prizes and a grand scale awards banquet, the GLMX team is stepping up to further the great heritage of Michigan and Midwest motocross racing for both bikes and ATVs. On the web at www.greatlakesmx.com