Perris Raceway Threatened

We received this info from the Southern California Flat Track Association:
A fuss has been raised about the Perris track, the dust and the noise. 

The Perris City Council will be addressing these complaints at a meeting this Wednesday, March 4.

The track needs your support.

If at all possible, please come to this meeting at or before 6 PM. 

City of Perris
101 N. D Street
Perris, CA 92570
Phone: (951) 943-6100

You do not have to be a resident of Perris to support the track. 

Please remember to be polite and courteous on your way to, at the meeting, and on your way home from the city council meeting thus Wednesday. Dress appropriately for a government function.

Kids can wear race gear (and women too if you like).

If you have or work at a local shop, let the employees know. Let the customers know. Another track lost hurts everyone, from the dealer selling a new motorcycle, to the local mexican restaurant, to the convenience store selling ice & sodas.

As dirt trackers in southern California, we have lost access to many racetracks. Perris Raceway has gone above and beyond to build and maintain a place for us to ride. Now it's your turn to support Perris Raceway with more than attendance and entries.