Dragon Fuels 2009 Riders

Mark Ticen, of Dragon Racing Fuels, looks forward to a huge 2009 season with some of the best riders and teams in the industry. They have also had a huge response to the 2009 contingency program and feel like it offers the rider the best race fuel in the motocross industry with a chance to offset the cost of racing. Mark would like to encourage everyone to stop by the trackside trailer at Lake Whitney and see why Dragon Race Fuels are leading the way around the track. More info can be found at www.dragonracingfuels.com or 1-800-286-2500 ext. 109.
Here are some of the 2009 Dragon Racing Fuel Riders and Teams,
HHR Riders,
Tony Blood, 250 A and 450 A classes.
Brad Frace, Schoolboy and 250 B classes.
Ryan Hughes, +30 Pro and select races.
Tanner Krahenbuhl, 250 B and 450 B classes.
Michael Leib, 250 B and 450 B classes.
Jessica Patterson, Women’s Pro.
Kyle Regal, 250 A and 450 A classes.
Jacqueline Strong, Women’s Pro.
Lance Vincent, 250 B classes.
Red Bull Riders,
Brandon Mays
Rock River riders,
Alexis Pearson
Conner Pearson
Benny Bloss
Chase Sexton
KTM Champion Cycles
Alexander Frye
Johnathan Foskey
Daniel Baker
Kody Kamm
Hayden Justice
Cole Varty
Alex Spade
Branden Wallenhaupt
Moto Concepts Racing
Daniel McCoy
Vince Freeze
MDK Fire and Police
Justin Kenney
Carlos Gonzalez
Team Gateway Cycles
Individual Riders,
Joey Savatgy
Chris Damm