Factory Connection 2009 Amateur Team

As the Amateur Motocross Racers begin to head for Texas to attend what is the first Amateur National of the 2009 Season in one week, Factory Connection is pumped to announce its continued and increasing support of Amateur Motocross in America. For 2009 Factory Connections stable of top riders has grown even more from the group in 2008 that won 8 National Titles at Loretta Lynn's, plus countless more around the country throughout the year at the top Amateur Nationals. As all Pro's and Amateur National Champ's will tell you, having the best suspension is a must, and Factory Connection offers this to any and all riders looking for that edge.

Here is the list of Factory Connections Exclusive Amateur Riders for 2009.

Jason Anderson
AJ Catanzaro
Jimmy Decotis
Colton Ford
Alexander Frye
Seratia Gonzales
Nathan Haas
Austin Howell
Keith Johnson
Michael Leib
Jeremy Martin
Brandon Mays
Tristan Miller
Jesse Nelson
Terren O'dell
Jace Owen
Shawn Rife
Derek Rogers
Joey Savatgy
Jordan Smith
Justin Starling
Eli Tomac
Cooper Webb
Ty Worthington
Drew Yenerich

On top of this group, Factory Connection is proud of the entire group of Support Riders on board for 2009 and look forward to great results for everyone using Factory Connection "The Best Suspension Period".

Stop by the Factory Connection trackside vehicle at both Texas Amateur Nationals, plus all other big amateur races throughout the year, to get on the same suspension that more top amateur racers are using than any other suspension company. Here are the race’s FC will be attending in 2009:

Lake Whitney
Oak Hill
World Mini
Mammoth Mountain
Ponca City
Loretta Lynn’s
Dodge Amateur National
Kawasaki Race of Champions
Mini O’s

For more information visit www.factoryconnection.com 1-800-221-7560 or email sales@factoryconnection.com