Aden de Jager Indy Report

So I went during the week and got some bike time in it was good getting comfortable and fimiliar with the bike. The weeks riding went fairly good apart from the time when I snapped a kickstarter. Never done that before but we fixed the problem and away we went to Indianapolis.

So we get to Indianapolis it is 17F which is like -8C wow what a shock waking up to that in the morning.

Practice / Qualifying 1 : So I went out, the track was technical with a nasty set of whoops coming out of a sharp sandy corner this track was designed by Mike Larocco it was technical but fun. So I went out there did a few laps and got comfortable put in a few laps and was struggling with the staircase and the whoops. I set a couple of fast times but nothing to special without doing the staircase and getting the whoops properly. My fastest lap in that practice was a 59.6s. You can see a lap of my First Practice here is the link to the video on Youtube.

Practice/ Qualifying 2:  So I went and watched the other practices and studied how they were attacking the whoops and the staircase and a couple of other rhythm sections.

So I went out did the stair case 1st lap attacked the whoops a bit better still not good enough and worked on some speed into the Rhythm sections. I was doing everything that everyone else was doing. So it really comes down to some speed in the corners.
I put in a few solid laps and we just had to wait to see what time I got.
I stepped it up and got a 57.8 That should be enough to make it into the night show, wrong. I missed out by qualifying by 0.25seconds all that is basically a bleep of the throttle just in one corner and it would count.
But that put me back in 44th Position wow. 4 riders in 0.25seconds to qualify.

If I was to knock off 1 second I would be lying in about 30th Position and 2 seconds would put me in the top 20. Everyone I think looks at the East Coast and does not see the big names so they don’t think that there is talent. But the class is so stacked like a rider that I was riding with in my practice made it to the main and got a good position in the top 12. And I was only just a little slower than he was.

I know I was to slow in the whoops guaranteed but its something I have to work on for next week Daytona. The size difference compared from the Whoops at Indianapolis compared to the Whoops we have at Super X are massive the only round that come close was the ones at Adelaide.

It was a great show Reedy rode smart Bubba was extremely fast its amazing watching them ride. The Lites was interesting Pourcel, Izzi, Stroupe and Brayton are all stand outs after that anyone in the field could do something special. A lot of it come down to starts massive wreck in the Lites main only 7 people come out clean they had to restart the race. Stroupe and Pourcel got lucky.

Driving back from Indianapolis was hell too we were about 150 Miles from Home and it started snowing great just what we need. What should have only taken 2 and a bit hours took another 6 hours driving through a foot of Snow on the National Highway. Very interesting stuff for an Australian driving.

I would like to thank all the People that are making this possible. Alpha Motorsports, Yamaha, GYTR, Yamalube, FLY, Kali Protectives, No-Toil, Kenda, Stomp, Hammerhead designs, Go Pro, Scott, Ogio and Mum and Dad