This Week's Birthdays

March 1, 2009 8:16am | by:

  • This shot by Paul Buckey is one of the most famous in motocross
March 3: Tag Metals Shawn Norfolk

March 3: Longtime Missouri privateer Brian Stone.

March 3: Avid Racer X reader Ryan Moegle is turning fourteen this week and he is also a Loretta Lynn alumni.

March 4: Sandy Egger is the Marketing Coordinator at Fox Racing.

March 4: Ben Cheatwood has been in our industry for 36 years. He is also a part time AMA announcer for the Daytona Supercross and AMA Road Racing. 

March 4: GNCC competitor, Braden Nichols.

March 6: Paul Buckley is one of the best photographers in the business and has been taking photos for over 30 years. From his remarkable photos from the Buckley Berm at Southwick, to the infamous Jo Jo Scrub black and white photo from the seventies.

March 6: GNCC competitor, Russell Clay.

March 6: Braking/Sunstar’s Camilla Consoni.

March 6: KTM's Doug Drew.

March 6: Richardson's Racing's Marc Hauser.

March 6: Former Miss Supercross Sara Lipert

March 7:’s Jim Hutcherson.