Toyota/Racer X Power Rankings: Week 8

1. JS: Seven straight for number seven. Need we say more?
2. CR22: Desperately needs a win, but has everyone else covered.
3. RV: Another podium solidifies third-place in the rankings.
4. JG: Though he crashed in Atlanta, his lap times helped move him up to fourth.
5. Shorty: Has shown consistency, but nothing more to move him any higher.
6. RD: Being idle dropped him from fourth to sixth.
7. Christophe Pourcel: Though he was handed in the win in Altanta, our voters moved him up four spots. Has a stranglehold on the Eastern Regional Lites Series. 
8. Weimer: Like Dungey, being idle dropped Weimer two positions.
9. K-Dub: Windham stays status quo.
10. IT9: No change for Hot Sauce.
11. Millsaps: Moves up one position after a less-than-stellar performance.
12. Izzi: One of the big movers, his second runner-up finish helped him jump seven spots. Izzi needs a win. 
13. Stroupe: What looked to be a sure win ended after stalling. Moves up five spots, but it should’ve been a lot more.
14. Morais: Being idle dropped him six spots.
15. Ferry: Lost one position. Nothing really to speak of.
16. Mike Alessi: No change. Here’s hoping Mike can stay healthy.
17. Brayton: Another Western Regional Lites rider who lost ground. 18. Canard: Lost three spots and sits 18th.
19. Hepler: Breaks into the top 25 for the first time this season. Fifth in Atlanta helped him a lot. Should be a steady mover in the coming weeks.
20. Wharton: Welcome to the top 25, Blake!
21. Metty: A DNR in ATL dropped Brett. Too bad for a title contender.
22. Hill: No change for the Yamaha rider. Each weeks he should improve. 
23. Davalos: An Atlanta podium pushed Martin into 23rd.
24. Sipes: Slips from 21st.
25. Blose: TLD Honda rider clinging on to the top 25.