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February 27, 2009 1:16am | by:
  • Axle Rose back when he didn't totally suck. Chinese Democracy? Votes are in, pal. You suck.
Hey Ping

I remember when you did the podcast with Steve Matthes and you told him everyone at Racer X makes fun of him for saying that the new horrible Guns N Roses cd is good. So in his latest podcast he has Def Leppard’s Hysteria playing in the beginning and Bruce Hornsby’s The way it is playing at the end. Someone needs to step in and drag him out of the 80’s… or the closet.

Thank You,


Dear Michael,

Well, if he is gay he has one hell of a beard going on. He has a wife and dogs, which is a considerable amount of commitment. Plus he doesn’t fit the stereotypical mold of a gay man. You know: thin, neat and an impeccable sense of fashion. In fact, he might be the most heterosexual guy I’ve ever met. I’ve got his back on a few of his old-school choices. I’m a Def Lep fan and while I haven’t heard the new G’N R album I still throw in Appetite for Destruction every now and then and do that dance where your feet pop out on each side while you sway with the mic and belt out the lyrics of Sweet Child ‘O Mine. But there is just no way I can condone the playing of Bruce Hornsby and the Range. Never. Not ever. I’ll have to introduce Steve to a good artists like T.I.. Wait, he’s going to jail soon. Okay, then maybe I’ll get him a Chris Brown disc. Oh, he might be doing some time in the pokey too. Well, there’s always country music.


Hey Ping,            

    As I agree with your opinions & advice 90% of the time (politics keeps you from being 100% perfect) and I need a professional’s opinion on my overwhelming magazine collection. Over the past 20+ years I have saved all my motocross mags and another periodical that only adult males receive in a black plastic cover. I am mostly concerned about the stacks of MX mags i.e. Dirt Bike, MXA, Dirt Rider, TWMX, and Racer X dating back to the newspaper prints.  So, do I continue to save all these rags? Or, being in the digital age, just toss them, as all info I could possibly ever need I can find online? Is there any reason anyone of a sane mind (I do question my sanity at times considering my sport of choice) would want to hold on to all this kindling? I definitely plan on keeping those issues of Inside Motocross, remember those? But I need a little guidance on the rest of the crap. Thanks for keeping it real, and try not to beat me up too bad with your reply.


    P.S.  I think motobret looks better not capitalized, I’m funny that way.

    Dear motobret,

    Nobody’s perfect, motobret, and if you don’t agree with my political views then you prove my point. I’m teasing. I get a lot of crap for talking about politics and expressing my opinion but I’m not going to dodge the topic. And lately with the presidential election and the lead debacle it’s been an up-front, relevant issue. And if you don’t agree with my views, that’s okay. At least you are getting involved and forming your own opinion, even if you are voting Democrat. It’s kind of like admitting you are alcoholic; you can’t really change until you admit there’s a problem. Now, let’s get to the topic at hand. It sounds like you have a massive amount of dirt bike magazines and porn clogging up your garage and closet space. Would that be a correct summation? Just throw that crap away, pal. What are you saving it for? Throw that junk in your recyclables can and get on with your life. That will free up an unimaginable amount of space so you can begin the chore of collecting more crap that you can throw away in another two decades. MotoBret. Just wanted to see what it looked like in caps. You’re right, it's lame.


    • J-Law's got skills. Who knows if we'll see them.

    I know you’re probably sick of answering questions about Jason Lawrence but since he’s making his 450 debut this weekend… How do you think it will go?



    Dear Scotty,

    I would say there is about a 100% chance of shenanigans with a slight chance of jackassery. But I’m no weatherman. Just when you think he’s going to pull up and make a legitimate career for himself he does something that steers the nose of the plane back towards the ground. His latest AMA suspension is proof again of that. Still, the kid has crazy skills. I guess that is what is so frustrating to people. If he were just “Jloser” the kid from Jersey that sucked on a bike then nobody would even care. The reason we are all still interested at all is because he is talented enough to pull a holeshot in the final this weekend and get a top five. Yes, he’s that good. Will he actually do it? Probably not. But, according to motobret (see above), I’m only right about 90% of the time.