Faction MX Releases New Radiator Hoses and the "We Work, You Ride" Program

Salt Lake City, UT-  Faction MX is proud to announce the launch of their new radiator hoses, as well as the “We Work, Your Ride program.

The Faction MX one-piece radiator hose kits are designed to eliminate the plastic “Y” joint found in most radiator hoses. In extreme conditions these plastic joints can melt or crack in a crash. These one-piece race hoses are lighter and eliminate the potential for an unnecessary DNF due to breakage.  Faction MX one-piece radiator hose kits also increase coolant flow and aid in ease of maintenance.  

“We Work, You Ride” Program

Faction MX has introduced a program that allows for Free Installation of Faction MX products. Consumers can simply send in their head  with new Faction MX parts or purchase them from www.FactionMX.com and products will be installed absolutely free.  Most jobs can be completed within 5 working days.

Offer valid for limited time.  Subject to terms and conditions of Faction MX.  Offer valid ONLY on Faction MX parts.  Customer may be subject to pay additional labor and parts necessary upon approval by customer.

About Faction MX

Faction MX was founded in 2003 to provide riders and racers with the highest quality 4-stroke specific products.  Whether you are a Pro racer or weekend rider, Faction MX can provide you with the highest quality valve train components to ensure your bike maintains peak performance and reliability. 

Please visit http://www.FactionMX.com