Dragon Race Fuels Starts 2009 Contingency at Lake Whitney

Dragon Fuels release a contingency program for 2009 a couple of months ago. They have had a great response to the program for 2009. Mark Ticen, Dragon Racing Fuels main face and voice at the national level, said the program is set up to help the rider offset the cost of racing and the purchase of a performance fuel. Our program will pay out the top five riders in ten different classes at five of the nationals. The rider must be using Dragon Racing Fuels and with that said we can not spend the time to fuel check each rider to make sure they are indeed using our fuel. The only way we can monitor our program is the rider must be registered for the contingency program before the event starts and the rider must purchase one of the fuels on our program at the event. If the rider purchases a 5 gal/pail from use track side and finishes in the top five of the classes listed on our program we will pay out to that rider. If the rider is in the A class and can be paid contingency money, they will receive a check the following week. If the rider is not in the A class the rider with be paid with product equal to the amount listed on our pay out schedule. I hope this explains the basics of our program and more info can be found at www.dragonracingfuels.com . We will be in Texas for Lake Whitney and would like for everyone to register for contingency program. See you all in Texas!