35FT VIP Promotion Trailer for Sale

    This trailer was made in the Moto Community and would love to see a fellow moto company/rider put it to full use.

    This trailer was custom built by MxResultz.com and made to be one of the most extravagant VIP rider hospitality trailers at the track. From the outside views a 35x12 FT awning stretching the length of the trailer, leaving a giant shaded area and a heavy duty cover with a white top, to distract heat, and black underneath to keep the temperature at a reasonable level. Custom designed with lightweight aluminum framing and a simple assembly makes it convenient to set up and take down. Awning has 4 legs with the two middle poles reaching 15FT high to display onsite promotions or to be used as a projection screen at night with a custom flap on the awning to control the projector atop the trailer.

    Inside is as custom as a trailer comes. Built to display four 40 inch Plasma Screens (Included) all on locking mounts that are wired to three Playstation 2 consoles. The entire set-up is controlled from the AV closet that is prewired to play movies on all Plasmas as well as the projector/outside LCD, also with prewired surround sound inside and out.  (2 component speakers inside…included)  

    Three full leather futons (black) stretch along the passenger side with a 3x7 double paned window and metal blinds along the driver side. A custom 27Ft diamond plate counter with three matching power strips run the length of the trailer. There are two double sliding doors, one in front and one in back (back doors may be removed, they were previously used  to load a lifted golf cart)

    This trailer has more than can be listed. All info can be attached by contacting MXR.

    For anymore information please contact Mxagent@MxResultz.com or call Chad Westbrook at (815)790-2966

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