Speed and Strength Roll with Fame and Fortune

Tim Pritchard, Vice President of sales and marketing at Tucker Rocky distributing, Fort Worth, Texas is pleased to announce the launch of the new website to showcase their proprietary street apparel brand, Speed and Strength. “We’re barely six months into the roll out of our new Speed and Strength brand” said Pritchard, “and we’ve already made a strong impression on both dealers and riders across America.”

“With Neil Hodgson and the success of our superbike racing program, Speed and Strength has already proven to be an authentic super sport brand,” said Stephan Ulbrich, Director of Marketing at Tucker Rocky. “In 2009 Speed and Strength is going to expand it’s brand influence across a wider customer base, including the cruiser category, with the exciting Fame and Fortune and Tough Love marketing initiatives.”

Look for the 2009 Speed and Strength spring collection at www.ssgear.com.