Toyota/Racer X Power Rankings - Week 7

1. James Stewart - James increased his lead in the Power Rankings and is now in a dead heat with Reed. The series starts now.

2. Chad Reed - Reed likes being back home in Florida. Only trouble with that is Stewart does too.

3. Ryan Villopoto - Jumps three spots in the rankings due to his fourth in Diego. Hey voters, what about Short?

4. Ryan Dungey - After one week of being behind Weimer, The Dunge jumps one sport in the rankings and into the points lead. The long wait starts now.

5. Josh Grant - Didn’t fall too hard after his DNF. He was good but now trails Short in the standings. Hey voters, what about Short?

6. Jake Weimer - Jake went from fourth to sixth in the rankings. The long wait begins for him too.

7. Andrew Short - Here he is! Third last weekend and now third in the points. Shhhhhh, nobody talk about him.

8. Ryan Morais - Eight career podiums in the 250 class with zero wins. Will he do it in one of the last two races?

9. Kevin Windham - KW drops one spot after his seventh. We’re tired of saying it but we think he can do better.

10. Ivan Tedesco - Hot Sauce has been a surprise this year but after looking at his 2006 results on a Suzuki 450, maybe he shouldn’t be.

11. Christophe Pourcel - The East series begins now and CP is a great comeback story.

12. Davi Millsaps - Davi went to the LCQ again but finished strong in the main. Moved up one spot in the rankings also.

13. Justin Brayton - Quietly had a great ride in San Diego but was buried off the start. We will see him on a 450 sometime soon.

14. Tim Ferry - Wore the Scott boots but they didn’t change his luck as he went down in the first turn; the voters didn’t punish him as he stays the same.

15. Trey Canard - The Duck was good in Diego but a tick off the top three guys. He also moves up one spot from last week.

16. Mike Alessi - He got another holeshot and his best finish of the season in Diego. Mike’s a racer.

17. Brett Metcalfe - “Brettcalfe” will win a SX this season. You heard it here first.

18. Austin Stroupe - “Stroupealoop” was fast and aggressive in Houston, will there be payback from some other riders?

19. Nico Izzi - Izzi can win this thing. But so can five other guys, who will be there in the end? 

20. Chris Blose - 4-5-5 first three races, 15-9-7 the last three. Blose is still having a great season.

21. Ryan Sipes - Ryan stays the same in our rankings and will get fifth or sixth in the final standings, barring disaster.

22. Josh Hill - Josh DNQ’d last weekend but stayed the same in the rankings. The voters realize that making the main is tougher than ever before. Ask RV and Ferry.

23. Nick Wey - NYK makes a return to the rankings and he makes a return to the top ten in San Diego. Coincidence? We think not.

24. Dan Reardon -: Have you seen Les Miserables? It’s the story of Reardon’s SX season. He’s fast and has had some good rides but can’t seem to stay there.

25. Jeff Alessi - El Jefe holds onto the last spot after his ninth last race. Jeff will be on a 450 in the East.