Spinechillers Racing Fresno Report

Arenacross in Fresno California’s Save Mart Center had fans on their feet for a night of action packed racing.  Team Spinechillers Racing was excited to be on the west coast and eager to get out of cold of the north east.

Teammate Willy Browning, current East Coast Lites point leader rejoined the team after a few week hiatus due to an injury in a previous round.  Willy commented “I’m excited to get back on the bike”.  “I haven’t been able to do too much while my arm was healing”.  “Tonight I’m looking to get back up to speed and prepare for heading back east”.

Heat racing took an early toll on the team with Nathan Skaggs, currently second in overall Areancross class point, washing out in a turn that resulted in him falling out of qualifying position and being forced to the LCQ before going on to the night’s main event.  Zach Ames finished second in his heat race giving him a good gate pick for the final race of the evening.

Lites class racing re-energized the team as Willy Browning returned to the podium with a second place finish.  Willy commented after the race, “Things went way better than I anticipated.”  “I felt good tonight and am happy to pull off a podium finish”.

Team Manager Dallas Avery noted “We’re going to have a hard time in the AX main with Nathan sitting on the second row”.  “All of these guy’s lap times are so close that there isn’t much opportunity after the start to gain positions”.

Zach Ames with some new gear from Shift had a break-out performance with a fourth place start.  Zach held off a charge from teammate Willy Browning until the final laps where he slid to finish in 5’Th.  According to Zach, “My shoulder is finally back to 100%.”  “I’m at the point where I can push myself for the entire race”.  “With a little luck, I can get on the podium in the next few rounds”.

Spinechillers Racing achieved the “Best Team” performance for the evening with Willy Browning taking 4’th, Zach Ames taking 5’Th, and Nathan Skaggs salvaging a 12’th in the night’s feature race.

Arenacross moves to Sacramento California’s, Arco Arena for the next round of racing to be held on February 21st.  Tickets are available online at www.arenacross.com, www.ticketmaster.com, www.tickets.com.  For more information on the AMA Arenacross Series log on to www.arenacross.com.

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