Red Bull / DMXS Radio Atlanta SX Pre-Party

Red Bull and DMXS Radio would like to invite the fans attending the Atlanta Supercross over to DOOR44 on Friday night before the race for our 8th annual infamous pre race bash. Atlanta is our town and all two-wheeled fans are welcome to the festivities where they can bench-race and unwind with Red Bull athletes, fans, and industry-insiders until they kick us out.  Just remember to mention DMXS Radio, two-strokes, or Damon Bradshaw at the door for entry.

What: Red Bull / DMXS Radio Atlanta Pre-Supercross Party

When: Friday, February 20, Starting at 9PM

Where: DOOR44 located at 44 12th Street in beautiful downtown Atlanta, GA

It’s not a party unless everyone is invited, so make plans to stop by and help spread the word. For more information and directions, please check out