DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX's San Diego Report

San Diego, California - The teams showed up at round seven of the AMA Supercross series in San Diego ready to get on with the grind of racing and for the DNA Energy Drink/BTO Sports.com/BBMX team, the term grind really was appropriate. Team riders Matt Boni, Kyle Keylon and Jason Thomas did not make the 450 main events.  JT actually decided to sit out the night due to his leg being a bit sore after practice.  Both the team and Jason are trying to play it as safe as they can with his return. 

In the heat race Boni, who is one of the top privateers this year, missed out on qualifying by two spots and Keylon finished sixteenth. That wasn't too bad as there was still a last chance qualifier and the two riders were more than ready because we force fed them DNA Energy Drink right before they went out. The drama was high and you could cut the tension with a knife (or at least a screwdriver). It was not too be however as Boni fell in the first turn and was far back on the first lap. He rode hard to catch up to eighth, finishing right on Factory Yamaha's Josh Hill in seventh...yes folks, it was another multi-million dollar LCQ (note to self-suggest to promoters to bring back semi races). The bright side to the whole night is that it's over and that Boni is still an impressive seventtenth in the points. He only lost one sport from his DNQ. Not only that but the team gets to start back up on the east coast in front of an almost hometown crowd in Atlanta.

"My mama said there would be days like this and she was right" remarked team manager Forrest Butler and at that point we had to wrestle the safety wire away as he was trying to make a noose.

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