CTECH Ultra Line Garage Cabinets

CTECH Aluminum Cabinets and Carts is proud to announce their new Ultra Line Garage Cabinets. The Ultra Line offers the same cabinets to you for the home garage that the pros have used for years in their race shop!

Just like all CTECH products, these cabinets are extremely versatile, making the possibilities endless. They are built to the same quality and standards, featuring the CTECH patented Motionlatch drawer and door handles, Gasketloc countertop system and our new 3.5” integrated toe kick base.

“The new Ultra Line Garage Cabinets are fit for all different types of markets,” said Josh Brehm, CTECH Sales Technician. “They are the top of the line cabinets fit for any home garage, institution, shop or rec. room.”

In December 2008 CTECH featured the Ultra Line Garage Cabinets for the first time at the Performance Race Industry Trade Show in Orlando, Florida and received excellent responses.

“Everyone who looked at the Ultra Line Garage Cabinets were extremely impressed with the quality and design aspects,” said Amy Howard, CTECH Sales Technician. “We also have tool carts integrated in some of the packages, so you will have a complete storage system for your garage.”

CTECH has incorporated regional retailers to help promote and sell the Ultra Line Garage Cabinets in California, Oregon, Minnesota, Illinois and New York.

“We are extremely pleased to be adding the high quality Ultra Cabinets to our product mix under the private label Pro Designer Brand,” said Susan Arndt, Vice President, The Complete Garage, Minnetonka, MN. “Our customers expect the best and with CTECH’s superior engineering and design we are truly offering the best.” 

The Complete Garage will be displaying CTECH’s Ultra Line Garage Cabinets at the 2009 Home and Garden Show in Minneapolis, MN on March 4th – 8th. Marketing and Sales Director, Tara Marshall along with Sales Technician Amy Howard will be at the show to answer any CTECH related questions.

“It should be an excellent show,” said Amy. “We are looking forward to displaying the garage cabinets again and getting more great feedback from all the home improvement buffs at the show.”

With the sleek design, the Ultra Line Garage Cabinet packages are not only an efficient storage system, but they are visually appealing as well.

The Ultra Line Garage Cabinets Feature:

  • All Aluminum Construction
  • Radius Edging on Closets
  • Radius Bottom on Wall Cabinets
  • Integrated 3 ½” Toe Kick
  • Motionlatch Drawers and Doors
  • Gasketloc Countertops
  • All Cabinets are Fully Enclosed
  • Nine (9) Standard Colors

Visit CTECH’s Web site to find more information on our regional retailers at www.racecabinet.com.