Schwagon SixSixOne Contest

None of us like it when it happens, but the truth is we all have some serious get offs every now and again. For most of us these diggers are already plastered on our Facebook or Myspaces to show and tell. Well, the gang from SixSixOne want to see your best video or picture of you Eatin' Dirt. This online event is open to anyone on and is running now through March 19th. The person with the highest overall rating and number of votes at the end of the event will walk away with a new Flite II brain bucket thanks to your friends at SixSixOne. Oh did we mention you the viewers are the judge? Check it out and see if you can beat what's up there now!

About Us:
Schwagon is an action sports website created for the community by the community. We created this site to not only be fun to use, but also rewarding. Schwagon is meant to serve as a way to compete against your friends (and foes) in a refreshing way. It's meant as a place for you to meet new people. But most of all, it's meant to pump out schwag to the winners of our contests.