Cobra's Sean Hilbert on Rush Limbaugh

Just as the general public has begun to realize the gravity of situation regarding the CSPC's new "lead law" initiative, mainstream media channels are picking up on the problems the controversial new policy has brought to Americans. Following this morning's page three story in USA Today, America's most popular radio show host Rush Limbaugh spent an entire segment this afternoon discussing the consquences of the lead law with Cobra Motorcycle's Sean Hilbert.

Limbaugh, deeply critical of this new development, also mentioned the CSPIA on yesterday's program. Today he invited Hilbert to explain how the new ruling affects the nearly 50 employees at his small business, as well as the entire motorcycle industry in general. When Limbaugh told Hilbert that he heard that some $100 million dollars worth of inventory may soon come off of dealership floors, Hilbert corrected him by explaining that it's already happened, beginning last Tuesday, and that the ruling not only affected his company, but every dealer, salesman, supplier and purchaser of "The Big Four," listing Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki and Yamaha.

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