CANIDAE Motosport Kawasaki Report

San Diego, CA – It was a tough night for the CANIDAE Motosport Kawasaki team at round 7 of the 2009 Supercross Series in Qualcomm Stadium. Kyle Cunningham #36 approached the gate with confidence in Heat 1 for his first attempt at making the Main Event. When the gate fell, Cunningham shot out of the gate fighting for a top 5 start but had to react quickly as two riders collided in front of him forcing Kyle to slam on the brakes, pushing him to the back of the pack. Cunningham made a great recovery, though, as he darted to the inside in corner one. When Cunningham flew over the finish line on lap one he was 14th, just four positions away from qualifying for the Main Event, and only six laps to get there. Kyle went to work and by lap four, he was in 9th position and closing in on #144, Alex Martin. Kyle set up perfectly to make the pass in a tight, right hand corner and stormed underneath Martin to take the position. Martin had no idea Cunningham was there, and he turned down into the #36 Kawasaki of Cunningham, causing both riders to crash. Kyle remounted his bike in 14th with no time left to qualify for the Main Event. He would have to go on to the CANIDAE “Lucky Dog” Last Chance Qualifier.

Heat #2 featured CANIDAE Motosport Kawasaki rider P.J. Larsen riding his #87 Kawasaki. When the gate fell, Larsen positioned himself mid-pack in 12th by the end of the first lap and steadily moving forward. By lap five, Larsen was one spot out of a transfer position in 10th and time was running out. Larsen had reeled in the #186 bike of Derek Costella but did not have time to make the much-needed pass before the checkered flags fell with Larsen in 10th. Larson would enter the “Lucky Dog” L.C.Q. for his final attempt of making it in to the big show.

In the premier class, team CANIDAE Motosport Kawasaki rider Tommy launched out of the gate in heat #1 and rounded the first corner in 3rd position. After a slight bobble in corner three, Tommy settled in and finished lap 1 of the eight-lap race in 5th position. Hahn rode conservatively to ensure he did not make any mistakes on the extremely difficult track and easily transferred into the main finishing the heat in 7th position.

CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods sponsors the “Lucky Dog” L.C.Q. that featured team riders, Cunningham and Larsen in this short, 4 lap Lites race. When the gate fell, the teammates shot out of the gate side by side with Cunningham on the inside as the pack funneled down into the tight left hand corner. Ronnie Goodwin on his #711 bike was on the inside of Cunningham and quickly running out of racetrack as he moved up into the #36 of Cunningham, forcing Cunningham into the wheels of his teammate, Larsen. When the bikes collided, Kyle’s bike turned sideways and slammed Cunningham to the ground in a violent crash. P.J. was able to remain upright during the collision; however, the night was over for Cunningham as the Asterisk’s Medical Crew carried Kyle off the track ending his night.

P.J. sustained his position in the lead pack but he was still three spots out of a transfer position in 5th with 3 laps to go. Larsen moved up to 3rd by the last lap but a huge gap remained between him and the second place rider. Larsen put on an amazing charge as he pulled up to the rear wheel of the 2nd place rider, Michael Sleeter, as the pair approached the “Dragon’s Back”. Larsen held it wide open as he pulled along side of Sleeter and into the corner. Sleeter knew that Larsen had the momentum to take the final transfer position so he put a block pass on Larsen sending the young CANIDAE Motosport Kawasaki rider into the blocks ending his night.    

The 450 Main Event was in the gate and Tommy Hahn accomplished another great start as the pack stormed down the track toward the tricky first corner. Hahn was forced wide and fell back a few positions, but he managed to stay inside the top 10. As the 20 lap Main Event continued, Hahn struggled with the track and by lap fifteen he found himself in 15th. Hahn was determined to improve his position and was rewarded with a 12th place finish, which was a nice recovery for the rider from Texas.

The CANIDAE Motosport Kawasaki team now heads to Atlanta, GA for the 8th round of the series and the second stop on the tour for the Lites East Coast riders. It will be exciting, so check it out!

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