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  • Leighton Lillie
Leighton has been fighting to get all the necessary requirements done in order to be moved to the Craig Hospital in Denver, CO. Craig is one of the best rehab facilities in the country. Yesterday, Leighton tried to get off the pain medicine through the IV drip. This is one thing that has to happen before he can be moved. He was in a lot of pain, but persevering. But, when they tried to move him around for therapy he began to pass out from the excruciating pain. So, they had to put him back on the IV drip. He was just not quite ready yet....but wants to try again soon. He told me, "I just want the opportunity to work hard to walk again. I need to go to the best place possible to make that happen and Craig seems to be it."

Doug Lillie, Leighton's father, informed me that the Craig Hospital does accept their insurance. But, it is not going to cover much of the total costs of rehab. It is going to be very expensive, but Leighton deserves the best. Leighton is determined and ready to work work through the pain and walk again.

The Road 2 Recovery foundation has set up a donation page for Leighton. If you feel that you can help Leighton, it is greatly appreciated....and needed. The link for donation is

The Road 2 Recovery foundation has worked with a lot of down riders to help raise money for costs. One other rider that they are currently helping is Jiri Dostal, who was injured the day after Christmas. For all the info on Road 2 Recovery check out their web sight