Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM San Diego Report

San Diego, CA – The Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory West Lites Supercross Team had another great weekend with both team riders scoring top ten finishes at the sixth round of the AMA Supercross West Lites Championship Series at Qualcomm Stadium.

The night started off well for team rider Justin Brayton as he lined up for heat number one and managed to get a 5th place start around the first turn. In the quick six lap sprint he passed his way up to 3rd to qualify for the main. His teammate Ryan Sipes lined up for heat number two, where he started out 7th on the first lap and was able to move up quickly to the 4th place position easily transferring to the main. KTM support rider, Michael Sleeter, qualified from the LCQ to earn the final transfer spot in the main event.

The start meant everything in the main event given the track was very fast paced and the top leaders could pull away from the pack very easily if given a decent start. Unfortunately, Sleeter and Brayton were two of the riders that had to work even harder for a top position once they rounded the first turn in 20th and 16th respectively. Sipes had the best start of the KTM riders with a 7th place spot after the first lap.

Within the first five laps, Sipes had moved his way into 5th place where he began to pull a gap on the riders behind him. Meanwhile, Brayton was charging as hard as he could practically sprinting past the bottom half of the field to work his way into the top ten. By the fifth lap he had done just that and from then on he began to pick off one rider each lap until the tenth lap. Once he had secured 7th place he finally had some time to throw down solid lap times as he found himself all alone with the 6th place rider, Chris Blose, about a quarter of a lap ahead of him. On the final lap of the race, Brayton caught and passed Blose to finish his incredible charge through the pack in 6th place. Sipes raced a smooth and consistent race and earned his first top five finish of the season when he crossed the checkered flag in 5th.

In the Supercross class, Jagermeister/MDK/KTM rider Josh Summey finally brought some good luck with him to the Southern California track and was able to qualify into the main event after he grabbed the final transfer spot in his heat after a great battle with Paul Carpenter on the final lap.

Summey garnered a 12th place start once the gate dropped for the main event and quickly moved into 11th by the third lap. By lap four Summey was sitting in 9th after passing one rider and riding by the downed bike of Broc Hepler. Summey remained in the 9th spot through the halfway mark in the race. He was then passed and dropped to 10th. He remained consistent with his lap times and only fell back one more position before the race ended, thus finishing in 11th for the evening.

Next Event: Atlanta Supercross – February 21, 2009

Overall Results Lites Supercross –

  1. Ryan Dungey
  2. Ryan Morais
  3. Jake Weimer
  4. Trey Canard
  5. Ryan Sipes – KTM
  6. Justin Brayton – KTM
  7. Chris Blose
  8. Jake Moss
  9. Jeff Alessi
  10. Cole Seely
  11. Eric McCrummen
  12. Ben Evans
  13. Sean Borkenhagen
  14. Derek Costella
  15. Alex Martin
  16. Michael Lapaglia
  17. Ryan Clark
  18. Dan Reardon
  19. Danny Bajza
  20. Michael Sleeter – KTM

Overall Points Lites Supercross –

  1. Ryan Dungey – 135
  2. Jake Weimer – 135
  3. Ryan Morais – 124
  4. Justin Brayton – 103
  5. Ryan Sipes – 85

Overall Results Supercross –

  1. James Stewart
  2. Chad Reed
  3. Andrew Short
  4. Ryan Villopoto
  5. Davi Millsaps
  6. Mike Alessi
  7. Kevin Windham
  8. Michael Byrne
  9. Nick Wey
  10. Ivan Tedesco
  11. Josh Summey – KTM
  12. Tommy Hahn
  13. Kyle Chisholm
  14. Tim Ferry
  15. Heath Voss
  16. Troy Adams
  17. Steve Boniface
  18. Ben Coisy
  19. Broc Helpler
  20. Josh Grant

Overall Points Supercross –

  1. James Stewart – 152
  2. Chad Reed – 152
  3. Andrew Short – 122
  4. Josh Grant – 112
  5. Ryan Villopoto – 106