Toyota/Racer X Power Rankings - Week 6

February 13, 2009 2:04pm | by:

Power Rankings1. Stewart - Can he run the table? It’s not too early to ask that…serious.

2. Reed - Where did the magic go? Reed needs a start to see if he still has it.

3. Grant - The class hasn’t seen a rookie this good for a while. The third Josh is the charm (thanks Cox!)

4. Weimer - He’s finally ahead of Dungey in the rankings and ahead in the points. Jake is on a roll.

5. Dungey - Dungey had a great race last weekend. He was last at one point and we mean dead last.

6. Villopoto - RV drops four spots in the rankings due to his DNQ. I’m sure he’s crushed by both.

7. Short - We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. Short’s sneaky good. He’s also a smiley faced assassin.

8. Windham - KW is having one of those years where you don’t notice him and then he busts out a win reminding us all that he’s K freakin Dub!

9. Morais - “Flyin” Ryan moves up two spots from last week, we’re sure he would like to move up one spot on the podium from last week.

10. Tedesco - Ivan is looking good, he’s back to where everyone thought he’d be. A top five guy.

11. Brayton - We thought Brayton might get his first win after leading the most laps in his career. He did move up four spots in the rankings because of it

12. Pourcel - Pourcel has an incredible string of finishes in his career over here. 2-1-21-1 in his four races.

13. Millsaps - The Big Treat’s first podium finish of the year doesn’t move him up big in the rankings, only four spots for the 18.

14. Ferry - And Ferry drops four which is interesting because last week when he DNQ’d he didn’t drop this many. The fickle voters have spoken.

15. Metcalfe - Brett looks to be in a dog fight for the title all season long.

16. Canard - It’s not coming easy to the Okie like last year, who can possibly think he’s ready for the 450 class next year?

17. M Alessi- Mike drops four spots in the rankings after his crash induced eleventh. Wanna bet he gets the start this weekend in San Diego?

18. Izzi - Izzi a contender in the east series? Yes,he is. (Thanks Weege!)

19. Stroupe - Another one of those riders that you can throw in a hat who can win the east.

20. Blose - Moves up two in the rankings, he’s having a very solid season on the track and off with dating Miss Supercross.

21. Sipes - Ryan came from fourteenth to sixth last week and from twenty four to twenty one in the voters eyes.

22. Hill - He had his best ride of the year at the kind-of-muddy A3. It must be that Pacific Northwest childhood.

23. Reardon - Dandy Dan re-enters the rankings after his seventh last week. Maybe we need to see how he can do on a 450?

24. J Alessi - Jeffy comes into the rankings as well after a great fifth place last week.  His finishes so far have been 8-DNQ-12-20-5.

25. Voss - Heath “bar” got sixteenth last week but stays in twenty fifth spot, he was tied with Alessi for the spot but Billy gave Jeff the tie-breaker for some reason.