Caselli’s film - “As the Gears Turn" Still Available

“As the Gears turn" a film by Production 262- scope the trailer here

Kurt Caselli’s debut film “As the Gears Turn” hit shelves last October, selling more than 2,000 copies to date.  Kurt took us through many different adventures from home movies to the track to training and a behind the scenes look at the normal day in the life of an off-road racer.  You can still get your copy at Pick it up today.

About “As the Gears Turn”

Meet the man, the champion, the 24 year old phenomenon Kurt Caselli. This unique and breath taking film takes you behind the scenes and will show you the way of a true champ and where his love for motorcycles and the sport have taken him. We venture into Caselli’s training grounds, the WORCS Series (World Off- road Championship Series), AMA Hill climb events, and take a step back time with footage that’s over 15 years old from Kurt’s early years. So suit up and hold it wide open as this fast action film will keep your heart pumping from start to finish.