Your Collection

February 8, 2009 11:44am

This week's collection comes from Jay Cerullo.

Hey guys,  just wanted to send you some pics of my MX collection.  

Here’s a little of everything.  Some of my helmet collection, which includes my prized Ricky Carmicheal race-worn #1 Bell Moto 7 Pro Circuit helmet,  my Jean-Michel Bayle race-worn #111 JT Racing ALS 2 helmet, and my favorite rider from the '90s, Jeff "Chicken" Matiasevich’s race-worn #20 1990 Bell Moto 5, which was on the cover of Motocross Action in January of 1991.  I've also included my DV12 race-worn Shark helmet that DV gave me at Southwick in 2007, and my 1990 CR250 Jeff Stanton replica, which is just like Jeff's with the 1991 seat.  Last is my all-time favorite rider poster -- my David Bailey 1986 Honda dealer promo poster from his 500cc championship.  I searced forever for this and it hangs proudly in my basement. Hope you enjoy them.
Jay Cerullo

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