Risk Racing - Dealer Expo Award Winner

February 4, 2009 2:06pm

Mooresville, NC –  Risk Racing is proud to announce that their new product, the Magnetic Light MINE, is a winner in the Dealer Expo “Kickstart” New Product Contest!  The competition recognizes the hottest new products and predicts these products will be the next big thing in the upcoming selling season. A judging committee whittled down more than 150 submissions and the Risk Racing Light MINE was selected as a winner.  Come see the Magnetic Light Mine at the Dealer Expo Feb 13-16, 2009.  The Risk Racing booth is located outside the main convention area near the food court, booth # 5860.

Though not much smaller than a golf ball, the new Risk Racing® Magnetic LED “Light-Mine” is a powerful spotlight that can be used almost anywhere you need illumination.

It has an intensely bright, wide angle LED and 12 powerful rare earth (neodymium) magnets that allow you to stick it to any steel surface or rest it on any surface and aim the light towards the workspace at almost any angle.

Professionals, including motorcycle and automotive technicians, electricians, plumbers and HVAC contractors, will want to have one on hand, as it is small enough to fit into tight areas and aim a powerful beam of light where it is needed most. Because of its 12 rare earth magnets, it also works as a “pick up” tool for dropped screws, nails and hardware.

Motorcycle enthusiast including street and dirt bike riders will also find hundreds of uses for the Risk Racing® Magnetic LED “Light-Mine” on the road, track, trails, or in the garage.  Toss one in your saddle bag for road side repairs.  Stick it to your tool box in the race trailer, or stick it to the fridge and make it the go-to flashlight for the whole family.  Use it when working on an engine, changing a tire, wiring a home theater, switching on a breaker, crawling around under a counter or sink. It’s even great to have on camping trips. The potential uses are endless.

Powered by three alkaline button cell batteries (included), the Risk Racing® Magnetic LED “Light-Mine” is available now and will retail for only $7.99. For more information, pictures and demo videos go to the Risk Racing website www.riskracing.com, or call 704-658-9332. (Note: Editors can download 300dpi photos & press releases at: www.riskracing.com/mine_press.zip)

Researched, designed and tested by professionals, Risk Racing® products provide users with functional, innovative solutions. They are engineered for reliability and performance in demanding environments.  Risk Racing® is a registered trademark of Mooresville, North Carolina-based BISS Product Development.