Kyle Chisholm on 58MXLive

Dallas, TX - Team San Manuel Yamaha's Kyle Chisholm shares his thoughts on being team mate and riding partner to the fastest man on earth. We also find out a little more on how he was relatively unknown in the US before becoming Bubba's team mate at Yamaha and how that whole ride sort of "supernaturally" happened.

About the show:
58MXLive - Texas Moto Show, is an on-line moto show brought to you by FIVE8 MOTOCROSS, with show hosts Shand Garcia, author of “Berm-The Texas Motocross Chronicles” and Holeshot Magazine fame, as well as Five8 Motocross’s own “W” twins, Aaron “Woody” Woodfield and Kevin Weable. 58MXLive covers action in the national and south-central Texas motocross scene as well as faith in the MX community shared by nationally known riders. We have a money back guarantee this show will waste at least one hour of you life and keep you from doing anything productive.