DMXS Tonight

What happened at the Showdown in San Francisco? I wish we were talking about a great battle on the track, but unfortunately it has to deal with an alleged altercation in the pits long after the last checkered flag was waved that involved Steve Boniface and the unlikely tag team effort of Jason Lawrence and Josh Hansen. This type of bravado goes on all the time and would have probably been quickly dismissed as the normal pecker-measuring that racers do, but it involved Jason Lawrence, who sat out the evening’s festivities due to an illness of some kind. That of course has folks saying if he were too ill to race, then he probably should have been more cognizant of spreading his germs to others. It’s freaking flu season!

We have invited the participants and reliable eye witnesses on the show this evening, but at the time of this press release only TLD’s Steve Boniface and David Pingree have confirmed. We welcome on at any time any other person that would like to express their side of the story as well, but felt it was a relevant issue that needed addressing this week.

Wednesday Night 8-11pm EST