Bryce Vallee Shines at California Gold Cup

San Bernardino, CA - Watch the Superbowl or a little moto? It was an easy choice for true racers as more than 525 riders competed in  the 3rd round of the California Gold Cup at storied Glen Helen Raceway on Superbowl Sunday.

Many of the top names in the B classes showed up:  Eli TomacMax Anstie, Nick Paluzzi, Aaron Siminoe and Bryce Stewart, all getting ready for the start of the amateur nationals in Texas.  The talk around the track was not of one of these top dogs, it was of the North County Yamaha's Bryce Vallee.  Valley took home top honors in both the 250 B and open classes.  Vallee, not too well known outside of Southern California, combined speed with local track knowledge to pull off the wins and leave the rest of the field behind. "Bryce has really stepped up his game this year and looks to be ready for Whitney", says 3n1 media's John Parkinson. "I think he could be a dark horse down there." 

Bryce Vallee doesn't have the typical motocross background. He grew up surfing the breaks of San Diego and competing in surf contests. No one in his family had ever ridden motorcycles or had any interest in motocross racing. It wasn't until his early teen years that he was able to get his first dirt bike and began riding. "As soon as I started riding, I wanted to race. I still like to surf, but when I got my first 85, I knew that's what I wanted to do”, says Bryce. "I've really been training hard for the last few months, and the hard work seems to be paying off."

Also unusual is Bryce's riding path. He had only ridden 250f's until 2 months ago, when he got his first 450.  After only a few rides on the 450, Bryce entered last week's Golden State race at Competitive Edge and won both the 450 Intermediate and 450 Open classes, to back that up on Super Bowl Sunday, here at the Gold Cup, Bryce again won the 450 Open class. "It's pretty amazing that he has only practiced on the big bike a handful of times, goes out and wins his first two races. I think that shows his natural ability and what Bryce has to offer” Parkinson says.

Bryce Vallee looks forward to entering most of the Nationals this year before moving up to the "A" class. 

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