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STILLWATER, USA – “All the bass, half the space.” Back in the day, KICKER® ruled mobile audio with its exclusive line of round, small-box, Solo-Baric subwoofers. In 2009, the KICKER Solo Classic Subwoofer provides the deepest, most musical bass from the smallest areas, at the same time promoting ample storage space in a vehicle. It is designed to be used solely with smaller, sealed enclosures and generates the most pressure allowable.

The Solo Classic takes its place among KICKER’s family of potent round subwoofers, borrowing the latest technology cues from its siblings while remaining true to its roots in utilizing a tiny enclosure. Its recommended sealed-enclosure specifications provide the absolute lowest, smoothest response with increased energy at rock-bottom frequencies. For example, the 8-inch sub (300 watts RMS) distributes pure, accurate bass from a miniature 0.33 cubic-foot box, while the 15-inch (750 watts RMS) makes ridiculous bass from a compact 1.25 cubic-foot enclosure. Altogether it simply makes for the hardest-hitting sound while leaving most of the trunk or hatch available for what it was meant for – the most capacity for hauling gear and luggage.

The Solo Classic’s detailed, accurate bass is a result of extreme air pressure from a small sealed box, just like its predecessor way back when. However, these days, the Solo Classic uses resilient, one-piece SoloKon™ with continuous back-bracing and high-temp, dual voice coils to withstand massive excursion and create punishing bass. Other recent lab developments include the T-cut top plate, polyimide voice-coil former, ventless solid-pole design, and Spiralead™ tinsel leads that result in supreme reliability. Stitched surround, stamped-steel basket, and spring-loaded terminals remain KICKER standards on the subwoofer checklist.

The four sizes of Solo Classic are available in 2-Ohm or 4-Ohm DVC.

KICKER audio systems and SoundGate® auto integration products, divisions of Stillwater Designs and Audio, Inc.®, are available for the mobile and home audio aftermarket at authorized dealers worldwide, and also through selected Original Equipment Manufacturers. Consumers needing more information on KICKER, SoundGate, or Livin’ Loud® may call the Consumer Information Line at 1-800-256-5425 or visit brand websites at or

KICKER Solo Classic Subwoofer Specifications

Model                                                         S15C                           S12C                           S10C                           S8C
Woofer (in., cm)                                        15, 38                          12, 30                          10, 25                          8, 20
Impedance (Ohms)                                   2?DVC or 4?DVC      2?DVC or 4?DVC      2?DVC or 4?DVC      2?DVC or 4?DVC
Max Rec Amplifier Power (watts peak)    1500                            1200                            900                              600
Max Rec Amplifier Power (watts RMS)    750                              600                              450                              300
Frequency Response (Hz)                       18-100                         20-100                         24-100                         28-100
Mounting Depth (in., cm)                         7-7/8, 20                      6-5/16, 16                    5-3/4, 14.6                   4-5/16, 11
Mounting Cutout (in., cm)                         13-7/8, 35.2                 11-1/8, 28.3                 9-1/4, 23.5                   7-1/16, 17.9
Rec Sealed Box Vol (cu. ft., liters)           1.25, 35.4                    0.88, 24.92                  0.66, 18.69                  0.33, 9.34
MSRP                                                          $449.95                       $349.95                       $299.95                       $249.95