Brayton Earns 4th at San Fran SX

San Francisco, CA – Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory rider Justin Brayton earned his second top five finish of the season after finishing in 4th place at the fourth round of the AMA West Supercross Lites Series at AT&T Park.

Brayton and his teammate, Ryan Sipes, had great practice times earlier in the day which came into place as they both lined up for the first Lites Heat. Brayton jumped out front from the gate coming around the first turn in second place and passed Ryan Morais for the lead before the next turn. Unfortunately, Sipes was not as lucky as he came around in 11th after the first lap. As Brayton stretched his lead out front Sipes quickly began picking off riders to move himself into qualifying position. By the second lap, he had done that as he secured ninth place. Soon Brayton crossed the line on the final lap to take his first heat win of the season while Sipes forward momentum continued to earn him a 6th place qualifying position. “I was really happy with my heat race win and hope to repeat the same result in the main,” commented Brayton on the podium after his win.

KTM support rider Michael Sleeter and All American KTM/Fire and Police rider Justin Keeney raced heat two. After a good start and a smooth race Sleeter qualified in 6th while Keeney picked up the 9th and final qualifying spot.

As the gate dropped for the main event, three KTM riders, Brayton, Sipes and Sleeter, were inside the top ten. Sipes came around the first lap in 5th, Brayton in 7th and Sleeter in 9th. The rider’s remained close for the first five laps. On lap six Brayton put on a charge and by lap seven he had passed Sipes, Kyle Cunningham and Cole Seely and was now sitting in a hard earned 4th place spot. Although Brayton continued to run the pace of the leaders he was too far back by the time he worked into the top five and he remained in 4th position for the night. Sipes rode a solid race to finish 6th overall while Keeney finished 12th and Sleeter finished 17th.

Next Event: Anaheim, CA – February 7, 2009

Overall Results Supercross Lites:

  1. Jake Weimer
  2. Ryan Dungey
  3. Trey Canard
  4. Justin Brayton – KTM
  5. Ryan Morais
  6. Ryan Sipes – KTM
  7. Dan Reardon
  8. Kyle Cunningham
  9. PJ Larsen
  10. Eric McCrummen
  11. Cole Seely
  12. Justin Keeney – KTM
  13. Sean Borkenhagen
  14. Adam Chatfield
  15. Chris Blose
  16. Topher Ingalls
  17. Mike Sleeter – KTM
  18. Brady Sheren
  19. Sean Collier
  20. Jeff Alessi

Overall Point Standings:

  1. Ryan Dungey – 92
  2. Jake Weimer – 88
  3. Ryan Morais – 80
  4. Justin Brayton – 68
  5. Chris Blose – 56
  6. Ryan Sipes – 54
  7. Dan Reardon – 42
  8. PJ Larsen – 38
  9. Jason Lawrence – 34
  10. Ben Evans – 31