Toyota/Racer X Power Rankings - Week 4


Welcome to week three of the Toyota/Racer X Power Rankings. How did your favorite rider fare after Anaheim II? Click here to view the rankings page or scroll down...

1. James Stewart - He gained 19 points in our rankings but more importantly, is only 9 away from Reed in the AMA points.

2. Chad Reed - Houston was worst race of the year for him, and he still got second.

3. Ryan Villopoto - Ryan jumped 2 spots after his first 450 podium. “Villopodium” now fits him.

4. Josh Grant - Josh dropped one spot. His consistent finishes since A1 prove he’s for real.

5. Ryan Dungey  - He looks to keep the streak going this weekend in San Fran.

6. Andrew Short - Shorty’s having a great season. What took Honda so long to sign him last year?

7. Jake Weimer - Jake needs to win this weekend to stay in the hunt.

8. Kevin Windham - KW’s finishes this year have been up and down. This week he’s due for an “up” finish.

9. Tim Ferry - Red Dog has been okay this season. We’re not used to ok from him.

10. Ivan Tedesco - Ivan is back where we thought he was going to be.

11. Ryan Morais – Everyone wants to see Ryan get his first win this year. He deserves it.

12. Jason Lawrence - J-Law returns to the city where he got his first career win last year. Will it happen again?

13. Christophe Pourcel - The East winner is ranked here behind the top four west riders. No respect?

14. Mike Alessi - Mike is getting better. Cue the Six Million Dollar Man opening. We can rebuild him.

15. Davi Millsaps - He won twice last year, so we know he’s capable.

16. Brett Metcalfe - Brett came close to winning his first main event in Houston. Want to bet he gets it done this year?

17. Justin Brayton - He drops one spot, but it could be worse. The voters dropped Blose off completely!

18. Nico Izzi - Nico has to win a race this year, he can’t make any more rookie mistakes.

19. Austin Stroupe - He’s the worst placing PC rider in the points, and he’s fourth!

20. Nick Wey - Missing the main in Houston dropped Wey three spots in our rankings.

21. Josh Hill - He’s banged up again and just looking to salvage his SX season. He dropped three places this week.

22. Trey Canard - Trey has stayed strong despite missing two mains. He’ll be back this weekend.

23. Heath Voss - Heath is ahead of Carpenter in our rankings but behind him in the AMA points. He’s a steady rider.

24. Ryan Sipes - Ryan tried the 450 in Houston and was fast in practice, but crashed out of a main event spot.

25. Dan Reardon - Reardon rounds out the top 25 in our rankings. Honda hopes he’s top 3 this week.