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January 30, 2009 4:34pm | by:
  • That's Bro-tastic!
Dear Ping,

Is there a company that makes flat-billed visors for helmets yet?   

Seems like Deegan and the other billers would go nuts over it.

James V.

Dear James Five,

If you jump on this you might be able to make a grip of cash in the moto industry. I actually saw some of the snowmobile guys running a goofy flat-billed visor in the X Games last week but it hasn’t hit the dirt bike scene yet. More specifically, I think your market is right here in southern California. If you could make a product that was absolutely “Bro-tastic” you could “Kill it” here in the land of fruits and nuts. I suggest making it black and putting a big gold sticker on top of it. That would be sick, bro. Maybe you could sell it with a discount coupon to a trashy tattoo parlor and a pair of black socks. Go, Bro!



First of all Congrats on the new job!  Second, "The Odd Couple" story in the last Racer-X was hilarious!  The two different perspectives was classic!  

  • Crap sandwich or Democratic Congresswoman? Too close to call.
Okay, serious now.  Home School can be, and in most cases is, very good for a young persons "academic education."  But as we all know it can be abused by sports minded parents (Mommy does Jr's homework and mails in the packet while Daddy drives the motor home) especially in motocross.  The future is not so bright for those who fall short of their dream and end up illiterate.  Race organizations running such great events as the World Mini Grand Prix are not helping the situation when events occur during the school year. Especially in April (April 13 - 19) when a student needs to buckle down and finish the school year with decent grades.  There are three months during the summer to run these events that would not interfere with traditional school.  Just my opinion, what do you think?

H.S. Walker

P.S.  Hopefully I'll see you in Salt Lake so I can ask you what you really think of Nancy Pelosi.

Dear H.S.,

A well-run and properly overseen home school program can indeed provide a child with the knowledge he/she will need to score well on tests. I’ll agree with that. But you pretty much nailed it when you described the way most moto families run their programs. As far as amateur national scheduling goes, you might be on to something. The problem is that Loretta’s and Ponca are already in the summer months. If you add the Texas, Florida and Nevada events in from June to September you would be zigzagging back and forth across the country all summer long. Maybe a better idea is for the amateur nationals to shorten their programs. Do we really need three days of practice at the World Mini Grand Prix? And is it so important to get a good parking spot that families have to show up two days early to stage for parking? You aren’t waiting in line for tickets to the last Grateful Dead concert. It’s a dirt bike race, folks, so let’s get some perspective and use some common sense. Maybe parents are the ones that need to turn their brains on. If you leave it up to a kid he is going to choose to go to a race over staying in school. When I was an amateur my dad simply said that we weren’t going to race if I had to miss too much school or if my grades started to slide. I never went to the Mini O’s in Florida for that very reason. He didn’t want me missing that much school. Parents, here’s a tip for you: Be parents.

Regarding your P.S… I’ll save you the time. That lady is a gigantic crap sandwich with extra corn. But if you still want to come by and discuss it, feel free. See you in Utah.


  • Get those testicles a helmet!
Dear Fabricator,Dear Ping,

I was just reading your column a couple weeks ago when I stepped outside for a minute. Coming back in to finish your column my eyes were a little watery from the Santa Ana winds here in Santa Clarita. Taking my glasses off to finish the last letter I thought I read “I am a fan of your super huge testicles...” I was really surprised that Davey would let you print that.

That was until I wiped my eyes (from laughing so hard) and put my glasses back on and realized that it really said, “I am a super huge fan of your articles...”


The Factory Fabricator

This is a family website, sir, and I can assure you that very rarely do I discuss the size of my testicles. Besides, my testicles are rather average-sized and therefore would not have a significant fan base. However, if you clean your glasses once again and see that someone did indeed love my super huge testicles, please let me know. It is early enough in the season that I could have a poster made for my testicles to hand out and sign at the races and even make some appearances at dealer shows and such. My cojones would like to thank you, and my underwear, for all the support.