58MXLive - Ryan Morias & Ben Evans

Dallas, TX - The Westcoast Lites class has been getting interesting, and we caught up with two of the top 10 guys, Ryan Morias and Ben Evans. Ben Evans has been opening some eyes sitting in 8th place as a privateer and coming from the state of Idaho.  Ryan Morias talks to us about his PC ride and how he came to have a personal relationship with God in this very cool interview.

Stepping in for Shand is Five8 Motocross own Alan “Sandbagger” Johnson. He provided a very good thought provoking insight with our Moment of Truth segment. Shand did make a full recovery from his man-boob surgery but lost his phone so did not get the updated recording time change. So while we recorded, Shand was at Taco Casa replenishing much needed calories from his Rio Bravo experience.


About the show:
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