Sean Hamblin Headed for Surgery

Yamaha factory rider Sean Hamblin reported the bad news himself on the message board: He's headed for knee surgery. Here's what Sean posted (with a couple of small edits for clarity):
So here I sit at nearly 12:30 a.m. on Wed. morning, thinking of what's next and what to look forward to. Saturday night in Houston I made a small mistake that I didn't even fall from and here I am preparing for surgery tomorrow in the afternoon with Dr. Reiman. It was nothing big but obviously big enough that I have caused problems in my left knee that require me to have surgery. In the short amount of time being back racing SX I have had nothing but fun and new found enthusiasm riding and racing again. Most would have wanted more time on both a bike and a track but I was too amped to get back out there and mix it up. Was that the best decision??? I thought so. I guess I just look at things differently than others and always expect more out of myself on a bike. I have said before and I will say it again, everytime out I got more and more comfortable on the track and had a joy racing again. So whatever happens tomorrow with surgery I can still look back and say that I am happy with how much I improved with such little time. Thanks to all who were involved with me getting back out there in the mix racing SX again and always to the family, friends and fans who cheer not only myself on but everyone out there pushing harder for a better show!