5 Minutes with...Chris Blose

January 22, 2009 9:26am
Troy Lee Designs Honda rider Chris Blose has been a revelation so far in 2009. The 21-year-old native of Phoenix, Arizona, is currently tied for fourth in the Western Regional Lites series with consistent 4-5-5 finishes, and looking at his lap times, it’s no fluke. Prior to this season, his best finish was a ninth, but now he’s shooting for a podium, and possibly a win, which is definitely not out of the question. We wanted to get Chris’ take on the season so far, so we gave him a call for this 5 Minutes interview.

Racer X: What’s up, Pimp Juice?
Chris “Pimp Juice” Blose: [Laughs] Ah, I see that got back to Racer X….

  • Chris Blose is currently tied for fourth in points
I’m sure you could guess who told me that.
Yeah, good old Ping. Well, I’m just relaxing. I came back to Phoenix for a couple days to hang out and see some of my friends. I’ll probably head back to California tonight and get back to work.

Okay, seriously, coming into the series, did you honestly think you were going to be a consistent top-five guy?
I knew I had the speed to be up there and run with those guys and be top-five. I kind of surprised myself, because I didn’t know exactly what to expect. I just went in there and did the best I could after getting a late jump on testing and everything. I honestly thought I was going to be behind a little bit, but I wasn’t, so I’m happy with my results and I just want to keep on improving them.

Do you feel that you’re a better supercross rider than motocross?
I feel that I’m good at both. Last year in the 450s I had some top-tens and would’ve had more but had some motor issues with them blowing up. But I feel like I’m starting to come around with supercross, and I feel that I’m getting better and better each time I get on the track. But yeah, I feel I’m a little better at supercross.

Do any of those other guys out there intimidate you?
No, not at all. They’re all really fast guys, but I know I can run with them, so they don’t intimidate me at all. I’m not scared to bang bars with anybody.

I think it’s safe to say that you’re clearly faster than your brother, too.
[Laughs] I don’t know, Mike is definitely fast. He’s just not on that great of equipment this year, but I still look up to him because I know his ability and how fast he can be.

Before the season, you didn’t even have a ride, did you?
No, I didn’t! I was going to put together my own deal and go with Wonder Warthog. I was working for my uncle doing fire sprinklers full-time, and I just got the phone call from Troy Lee Designs asking if I wanted to come out and do a tryout. I immediately jumped on that opportunity because they have a great team and great bikes, so….

So the equipment is a lot better than what you would’ve been riding?
Oh yeah, for sure! The equipment that we’re on right now is just so good—it’s the best stuff that I’ve ever ridden. That’s a big thing for me, because I know I have the skill and the speed to do really well; I just needed the equipment to get me there.

Before this year, what was your best finish in a supercross?
My best finish was a ninth. I had a couple ninth-place finishes last year in supercross. This year I definitely stepped my game up, and I definitely want to get on the podium—that’s my goal.

What has changed? Is it being on the team, or have you stepped up your training program, or is it just a combination?
I just think everything, you know. From training … I got a trainer, Charles Dao, that Ping set me up with. And just riding. Before the season started I was riding four to five times a week, which helped out a lot with the bike. Everything is so much better. The team has been so great and everybody wants to do well.

  • Blose has been a revelation in 2009
Any big plans for your first weekend off?
No, I’m just going to head back to California, and I’ll probably ride some Friday. I just want to stay riding and keep on putting in the laps, because I know I could run with those guys and finish on the podium.

We won’t see you jumping on a 450 for any of the East Coast rounds, huh?
No. You know, I was thinking about it, because I ride a 450 really well, but we don’t have much testing with the ’09 stuff, especially because they changed so much. So we’re just going to stay healthy and focused on the 250F and come out swinging in San Francisco.

And you’re not that far out of the points lead.
Yeah, I don’t even know where I’m at. Me and Brayton are tied, and it’s quite a big jump to third place, but anything could happen.

How about after supercross? Will we see you riding any outdoor nationals?
Well, my contract ends with Troy Lee Designs after supercross, so maybe I’ll put together my own deal and do some outdoors on the 450 - just not sure which ones yet.

If someone is looking to pick up a 450 rider for outdoors, you’re available?
Yep, for sure! If anyone wants me, they can have me [laughs]!

Well, again, keep up the good work, Chris. Who do you want to thank?
Yeah, first I want to thank Troy Lee and the whole Troy Lee Designs Honda team for giving me this ride. I want to thank Seaspan, Avia shoes, SkullCandy, Mitch and Bones from Pro Circuit - their stuff is awesome. Oakley goggles, Dunlop tires, my parents and my grandparents for supporting me all these years, and I think that’s it.

{LINKS}You going to be tuning in to the race this weekend?
Yeah, I’m definitely going to watch it on Sunday. My brother is going to be riding a 450 there, and I’m also interested to see who wins the Lites class this weekend. I don’t know who’s going to take it, but I think Pourcel is going to win.