New - The original, and still the largest media outlet for freestyle motocross just got bigger with the launch of a brand new website.

Featuring stories written by industry insiders, professional riders, as well as fans, and huge online community, 'MTX' promises to be your first stop on the web when looking for anything related to the sport of freestyle motocross.

"We're very excited. FreestyleMTX has been the central hub of our sport for years. We've always felt we could up the ante and really give back to the community that's been supporting the sport for so long so we finally did something about it, and then some." said Chuck Carothers, the site's owner and X-Games gold medalist. "We did our homework and gathered contributors from all over the globe to cover literally the entire world of FMX."

"MTX is a great place to stay in the FMX loop. I dig using it to voice my opinion. Another of my favorite things with MTX is when other riders put pics of their chicks on (in bikinis) asking to vote for them for contests... It's like a freebie." says Ronnie Renner, frequent forum troll.