CANIDAE A-2 Race Report

Anaheim, CA – With team manager Bill Keefe of the CANIDAE / Motosport / Kawasaki team at the helm, team riders P.J. Larsen and Kyle Cunningham were focused and more determined than ever to prove their abilities in the third Supercross of the season. Determination paid off when both riders made it directly out of heat #2 to the Main Event.

With only 9 riders advancing to the Main, it can get a little nerve-racking for a team to have both riders in the same heat race. This time around though, both riders sailed into the Main Event making quick work of the extremely hard and technical track. Larsen on his #87 Kawasaki finished the qualifying race in 6th and his teammate Cunningham, on his #36 Kawasaki, finished in 8th after a great charge through the pack. Both riders were in the show!

CANIDAE All Natural Pet Foods sponsors the “Lucky Dog” Last Chance Qualifier and at this race, fans witnessed last year’s West Coast Champion, Jason Lawrence win the 4 lap race while Michael Sleeter followed up in a close second to complete the 20 rider roster that would compete in the Main Event.

It was time for the Main Event, and the crowd was electric with anticipation. When the gate dropped, both CANIDAE riders found themselves at the back of the pack with Cunningham through the finish line on lap 1 in 14th position and Larsen in 17th. The tenacious duo consistently picked off riders to work their way to toward the front. Fans saw the two make some great rides through the pack. At the halfway point in the race, Cunningham was inside the top ten in 10th and Larsen was coming on strong in 13th. By lap 11, both riders were inside the top 10 with Cunningham in 8th and Larsen in 10th, which is where the two would finish the hard fought race.

This was a fantastic effort by both riders and precedence has been set for their next event on January 31st in San Francisco, California for Round 5 of the season and the fourth race of the West Coast Championship Series. The following week the series heads to Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX for the opening round of the East Coast Lites Series that will feature the other two CANIDAE “Lites” riders, Branden Jesseman and Hunter Hewitt as well as the debut of Tommy Hahn in the premier 450 class. It should be exciting! Check the and websites for more updates.