Tag Announces Final Factory8 Amateur Roster

Valencia, Calif. – “We are happy to announce the entire 2009 Tag Metals Factory8 elite amateur team.” said Shawn Norfolk, Director of Marketing for Tag Metals. He continues, “This effort is a large undertaking for us and we couldn’t be happier with our final roster. Keep your eye on these kids, as well as our two other elite amateur athletes (Geico Powersports Honda’s Justin Barcia and Eli Tomac) as they are the cream of the amateur crop.”

1.       Taylor Futrell
2.       Michael Leib
3.       Kyle Engle
4.       Christian Craig
5.       Bryce Stewart
6.       Killy Rusk
7.       A.J. Catanzaro
8.       And our final roster position goes to Rock River Powersports Yamaha rider Terren Odell.

Congratulations to these guys for being what we consider to be the TOP amateur athletes in Motocross!

About the Factory8:
The Factory8 race team is a concept that will help bring top amateur riders into the limelight. Amateur motocross is the backbone of our sport. Within the industry, we all know who the top up and comers are, but the general enthusiast doesn’t find out about the new kids until they show up at Millville every year. Tag Metals wants to bridge that gap for EIGHT of the top amateurs in the country. The Factory8 team riders will be treated as Professional Factory riders by Tag Metals. The Factory8 will be featured in advertisements for Tag Metals products globally. These riders will get exclusive handlebars for national events, prototype products, ONE-OFF products developed exclusively for them (such as their name and riding number on their bars) -and the like. Tag Metals will also incorporate these eight riders into their product development team. Historically, our professional race teams have helped us develop our products exclusively. By focusing a portion of the development efforts with the amateur riders, we can get additional information from the younger riders that we hope injects some new light into our offering. We will be doing special Press Releases to the public, updating them about the goings-on of the Factory8 riders. Our hopes are that we can help bridge the gap as far as the General Public knowing who the fastest amateur riders are. In Stick and Ball sports, everyone knows who the “top college athletes” are. But in motocross, within our community, we all know who they are, but the general enthusiast may not. This program was conceived to help bring these amateur names into the public eye and help create a buzz about these kids before they make the jump to the professional ranks.