Bobby Bonds Signs With JR Publications

Bakersfield, CA- JR Publications has announced the addition of Bobby Bonds to their client list for 2009. Jason Reed will write all press for Bonds as he begins his 2009 defense of the WORCS National Championship along with select AMA MX Nationals and other events throughout the year.

“I’m stoked to bring Jason onboard with my program.  He and I worked closely last year and he was actually the one to link CCR and I with Honolulu Hills to win my ’08 Championship.  When he approached me last month to do this, it was an easy deal to ink.” -Bobby Bonds of Valli Motorsports

“I’ve known Bobby since he was on 60’s, although it’s just been in the last 2 years that we have got to know each other more in the WORCS series and last year joining him with Honolulu Hills as CCR’s title sponsor.  Bobby has a great team this year with Valli Motorsports out of San Jose and I am excited to start writing for him this coming week at Phoenix for Rd#1.”-Jason Reed- Owner-/JR Publications

Bobby has shown tremendous speed in the pre-season aboard his new 2009 Valli backed Honda 450 along with a stacked team in teammates Kyle Summers & Bobby Garrison.  Bond’s 2009 WORCS debut will be this Sunday in Phoenix, Az on Jan. 18th at noon.  Look for full Bonds race reports every Tuesday morning on all major industry sites.

Bond’s Career Highlights:
2008 WORCS National Champion
2001 AMA MX/SX “Rookie of the Year”
1994 & 1999 Loretta Lynn National Champion

About JR Publications:
Started in 2007 by Jason Reed, JR Publications has established himself as a highly visible PR rep in the industry today.  Jason began announcing with CCS (Championship Cup Series) in 1998, road racing, then Arena cross and finally landed with WORCS Racing in 2005. Over the years, Jason Reed has formed and established many relationships and contacts within the industry today.  JR Publication’s goals are to get their client’s news out to more than one thousand plus motocross enthusiasts, which in turn is forwarded on. Contacts include Dirt Rider, Dirt Bike, Racer X, Racer Productions, Cycle News, Motocross Action,, and many more companies and individuals who are involved in the market today.  With a press contact list over one thousand plus, you can be sure your information will be seen and recognized. Contact JR Publications today at (661) 577-6955 or email at