Moto Dog Tag on ICE

In our constant search to find products to keep the rider’s health and safety the highest priority, we have found a revolutionary product. Moto Dog Tags is overwhelmingly ecstatic to introduce a stainless steel "ICE" (In Case of Emergency) and medical information USB dog tag from SGMS Corp that is full of fields to record your important information: date of birth, medications, emergency contacts, insurance information, your photo, health and current ailments, living wills, copy of your drivers license, x-rays, you name it and it is on there. We have searched long and hard and demo'd many units to finally decide on this one. The software and USB dog tag are the best on the market and complete with a red Star of Life logo that is easily identifiable by Emergency Medical personnel or trained track personnel. It is water resistant, and most of all very affordable compared to others on the market ($30 and includes 1 free customizable anodized or stainless steel dog tag).  More SGMS Corp products will be made available in our online store within the next couple weeks like credit card size, key chain and bracelet models.

The USB EMR (Electronic Medical Record) idea is simple: you fill in any and all of the fields on the tag and keep it around your neck like your Moto Dog Tag. If you are in an accident on or off the track, an earthquake, house fire, or get knocked upside the head and forget who you are, this thing will have all the important information that will get you to the hospital and back home safely. With the extra space left over on the 1 gig USB, it is a great place to keep your credit card numbers and customer service #'s in case you lose your wallet or purse, copies of photo's that you just cannot stand to lose, the ideas are endless.  To order or for more details, pics, faq's and demo’s check us out at We are very fortunate to have found the products made available to us by SGMS Corp.
They Just Might Save Your Life !