DMXS Tonight

Factory Suzuki’s Mike Alessi has only been back on the bike a few weeks after breaking his tibia and fibula in September, but is quickly riding himself into shape. Mike will tell us about the first two races of the season including his run-in with Ryan Villopoto in Phoenix.
Another rider that suffered an off-season injury was Factory Yamaha’s Josh Hill. Josh injured his shoulder in late October and was doubtful for the start of the season, but he gutted it out and lined up for Anaheim 1 even after a horrible crash the Thursday before the race had him even further behind. Josh is getting back on track and showed that with an inspired ride at Phoenix.
Racer X cover boy and MDK/KTM’s Justin Brayton is hardly an overnight success, but few are aware of his climb to the top. His podium ride last weekend reminded everyone that he is here to stay and still fighting for the championship.
Motoconcepts’ Jeff Alessi chose to ride the Lites this year and after a top eight at Anaheim he was quickly reminded of how crazy and banzai that class can be after being collected in a few crashes at Phoenix. Jeff will certainly be prepared going into Anaheim 2, and maybe we will even see him on a 450 for some of the East coast rounds.
Racer X’s Steve Cox is a fine journalist and is gooder with the words than most of us. He is outspoken and has an opinion on just about everything and we will get a few of them tonight on the season so far and some of the drama in the pits.
Troy Lee Designs / Honda’s David Pingree has worn many hats in our sport and is currently under the one of team manager. Pings’ team has had great success thus far with Chris Blose and Borky, but you can bet he is pushing the team for even more. Ping will give us his unique perspective on the new job.
Canidae / Motosport Kawasaki P.J. Larsen has a few folks wondering where this kid came from after a great ride and result at Phoenix. PJ was in the shadow of Villopoto, Stroupe, Lemoine, and Izzi throughout his amateur career but this kid can flat out haul the mail and we are glad others are seeing that too. His initials actually stand for Patagonia Javier so you can understand why he shortened his name.
Jason Weigandt is back on the air! The supercross webcast has returned and his throngs of fans could not be happier. I hope Weege knows our show is free and he still won’t get paid being on tonight.’s Robb Beams is a show favorite with his encyclopedia-like brain on training and nutrition. Robb has some big announcements on tonight’s show for and their clients for 2009 and beyond. Stop by and check out for the latest in Motocross Performance Training.
Wednesday 8-11pm EST