Two Riders win Free Ride at Rynoland

MENIFEE, California – MOTOCROSS VACATIONS chose two winners for their free ride at Rynoland Ride Day on February 4, 2009. After receiving a flood of emails from mx enthusiasts all hoping to fill the spot, John Maldonado, owner of MX Vacations explained, “It was way too hard to choose just one rider from all the requests. Every one of them was deserving. I wish I could accommodate them all, but in the end we chose two riders who were nominated by someone other than themselves.”

Mike C. from Huntington Beach, California nominated his father who had inspired both of his sons with his passion towards motocross but has recently faced some tough times. “We offered the free spot to Mike’s father, but also invited Mike and his brother to join him with their own bikes,” John said.

Also from SoCal, Mark C. nominated a professional hopeful, Matty Dowell, who is like a son to Mark and his wife and recently made a miraculous recovery from a serious injury last year. “Of course, we couldn’t have Mark just park his bike for the day, so we invited him to join us, too. We were really touched by both Mike and Mark’s selflessness and love for the person they nominated.”

Because of all the interest of riders wishing to join them for their 1st Annual Ride Day at Rynoland, MXV decided to sell a few spots to riders who want to rent a bike. Please go to for more info.