SX vs. Freestyle Invitational at Pole Position

Ryan Hughes, Rick Johnson, Ricky James and skateboarder Ryan Scheckler are the latest to be added to the first-ever Supercross vs. Freestyle Invitational GP on Tuesday, January 13, at Pole Position Raceway in Corona, CA. Chad Reed, Grant Langston, Robbie Maddison, Mike Metzger, Steve Lamson, Ryan Hughes, Ricky Johnson, Billy Laninovich, Jeremy Stenberg, Ricky James, Brett Metcalfe, Myles Richmond, and Team Troy Lee Designs are some of the names that have committed so far, in addition to skateboarder Ryan Scheckler. Other surprise guests are expected to join the fun including a world champion indoor kart racer. The racers will compete in three head-to-head races at the famed indoor kart track owned in part by Jeremy McGrath. If you get there early, you might even be able to drive with the world’s best riders in some of the practice sessions. Racing starts at 6:30 p.m. and don’t forget to bring your camera. For more information check out Sponsored by Coca-Cola, Racer X Illustrated, ZLT, Smithline and Dirt Alliance.