ONE Industries and Ryan Dungey Part Ways

San Diego, CA

Effective immediately, ONE Industries is terminating our 3 year contract with Ryan Dungey as a result of the recent events that have transpired during the last week.

"ONE Industries is an icon in the industry and when we launched our motocross apparel line we wanted to work with riders that we believed shared our ambitions and vision for the brand," says Danny Dobey, ONE Industries Brand Manager.

"Because our business is continually developing and growing in multiple directions we seek out riders and teams who want to contribute to the exciting and positive things we do, our introduction of Ryan showed the level of commitment and investment we were making in this project," adds Russ Koza, Marketing Manager of ONE Industries.

Neil Calvesbert, CEO of ONE Industries, comments, "We signed a 3 year contract with Ryan and we were looking beyond that with the brand, so nobody enjoyed making this decision. Everyone involved with ONE Industries gives 100% to the company, the teams and riders we work with and I would like to thank them for their devotion, professionalism and nobility throughout the events that took place at Anaheim."