Need Tickets for Phoenix?

We received this letter from a reader:

I was wondering if maybe you could help out a fellow racer.  I tried to buy 4 tickets to the Phoenix Supercross on, but they mistakenly sent and billed me for 12 instead (at $110 a ticket!).  They will not refund me my money, so I figured I would try and give them away to some racers.  They are in Section O, Row 11, which is a great place to sit. Anyone who is interested is asked to please contact me by email or phone. I am not asking a price, but anything you are willing to give to offset the costs would be greatly appreciated. I can either leave the tickets at Will Call on Saturday afternoon, or meet at the gate before the race. Oh, and the tickets come with pit passes too!

Matt Ritchey
District 5 #210