Trail Tech Electrical System

Trail Tech is pleased to introduce its KTM 200/250 two stroke complete solution stator kits designed to provide a one stop shopping experience in electrical system modification.
The Trail Tech stator and flywheel combination offers up to and over 100 watts of usable power for lighting, grip heaters, fans, GPS and other accessories - all with no sacrifice in performance or power.

Choose from either a DC or AC style kit.  Battery or capacitor is required for the DC kits, but not included. 

DC system:  stator with backing plate, flywheel, and regulator/rectifier with customized connectors.
P/N S-8301A

MSRP:  $249.95

AC system:  stator with backing plate, flywheel, and regulator.  Any machine with stock lights already has a regulator, and will not need to use the Trail Tech regulator.
P/N S-8301B

MSRP:  $224.95

For more information contact Trail Tech at 360 687 4530, visit the Trail Tech website, or contact your local motorcycle dealer.