250 Words: Anaheim I

January 6, 2009 9:19am | by:

  • It's safe to say Jake looked comfortable on his new Kawasaki
  • It was a one-two punch for Mitch Payton's West Region team
Just as almost everyone watching got caught up in the Stewart-versus-Reed hoopla in the 450 class, the good-versus-wild child theme of the Ryan Dungey/Jason Lawrence rivalry practically overwhelmed the 250 class. All weekend long there were reports (some real, some really out there) of the heated nature of their personal war. Did Dungey really tear up his One contract when J-Law signed one of his own? Was Jason really text-taunting Ryan before practice? Were these two really going to try to hug it out down on the starting gate?

Somewhere down off to the side of the drama, Mitch Payton didn’t give a shit. Once again, the king maker of this class assembled a pair of riders that were going to do things his way, which means flying low under the radar, getting ready to race, and ultimately to win, which Payton expects of everyone that matriculates through his program.

Jake Weimer and Ryan Morais are not exactly attention magnets. They are fast on the track, polite and professional off of it, and obviously able to block out the noise taking place between those other warring factions. Then again, J-Law probably hasn’t considered trying to get inside either of their helmets or under their skin… at least not yet, anyway.

{LINKS}Supercross needs a little drama – nothing sells tickets quite like an old-fashioned grudge match – but Payton doesn’t. He needs another #1 plate to tack up on the semi doors. If those other guys don’t quit fooling around with each other, he’s going to need a bigger set of doors.