Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Race Report - Anaheim I

Anaheim, CA – Muscle Milk/MDK/KTM Factory Racing Team riders Justin Brayton and Ryan Sipes showed up to the Angel Stadium in typical KTM fashion, “Ready to Race,” for the opening round of the AMA West Supercross Lites Series.

Both riders held positions in the top five overall fastest practice times with Brayton qualifying second fastest while Sipes qualified fifth fastest.

After opening ceremony introductions, Brayton was up first in Lites Heat #1. Brayton got a great start nearly pulling the holeshot just a half a bike length behind Kawasaki rider Ryan Morais. Brayton held second until the third lap when a mistake on his part let rider Jake Weimer pass. Weimer would eventually go on to take the heat win over his teammate Morais while Brayton safely finished the race qualifying third. KTM support rider, Michael Sleeter, also transferred from this heat with a seventh place result.

Sipes was set to race Heat #2 when an unfortunate mechanical issue plagued his bike right before the gate drop. He was not able to race and was forced to qualify into the main from the LCQ.

Fans enjoyed a new halftime show during the intermission from the Jagermeister/KTM Freestyle riders. The four freestyle athletes hit the ramps pulling known tricks as the heart attack, cordova and numerous back flip variations. Shortly after, the well-known KTM VP, Selvaraj Narayana, was presented with the Mickey Thompson Award of excellence for his lifetime achievements and contributions to the motorcycle industry.

As the gate dropped for the main event  both Factory KTM riders skyrocketed out of the gate with Brayton rounding the first turn in third and Sipes one spot back in fourth. Right from the start, Brayton was on the tail of the first and second place riders Jake Weimer and Dan Reardon. By lap five Brayton had reeled in Reardon and began to set up for the pass. Unfortunately, on lap six the riders came too close together, making contact in a corner, sending Reardon to the ground and Brayton over the bars.

Brayton remounted in seventh position and would remain there through the finish of the race. Sipes who rode a smooth and consistent race finished sixth for the night.

In the Supercross class, Josh Summey representing the Jagermeister/MDK/KTM 450 Team, got a decent top ten start in the main and was running inside the top ten when he had a mechanical set back that took him out of the race. “Although Josh had some unfortunate luck in tonight’s main, his speed was there and we look forward to seeing some top ten finishes from him this season,” stated Jagermeister/MDK/KTM Team Manager, Danny Paladino.

Overall Results and Point Standings Lites Supercross:

  1. Jake Weimer – 25
  2. R. Morais – 22
  3. R. Dungey – 20
  4. C. Blose – 18
  5. J. Lawrence – 16
  6. R. Sipes – 15
  7. J. Brayton – 14
  8. J. Alessi – 13
  9. B. Evans – 12
  10. C. Gosselaar – 11
  11. R. Clark – 10
  12. S. Borkenhagen – 9 
  13. A. Chatfield – 8
  14. T. Canard – 7
  15. S. Skinner – 6
  16. C. Soubeyras – 5
  17. M. Sleeter – 4
  18. M. Horban – 3
  19. D. Reardon – 2
  20. K. Cunningham – 1

Overall Results and Point Standings Supercross:

  1. J. Grant – 25
  2. A. Short – 22
  3. C. Reed – 20
  4. T. Ferry – 18
  5. R. Villopoto – 16
  6. I. Tedesco – 15
  7. H. Voss – 14
  8. B. Coisy – 13
  9. N. Wey – 12
  10. P. Carpenter – 11
  11. M. Alessi – 10
  12. D. Millsaps – 9
  13. C. Siebler – 8
  14. M. Boni – 7
  15. K. Windham – 6
  16. J. Hill – 5
  17. S. Boniface – 4
  18. R. Kiniry – 3
  19. J. Stewart – 2
  20. J. Summey – 1